This website is an access point for many of the works of Elmer Green, Ph.D. and his wife, Alyce Green, M.A.  They pioneered the field of biofeedback through their research and clinical work at the Menninger Foundation.  They also served as spiritual teachers who integrated science and spirituality, and guided the spiritual development of many people.

The website includes both spiritual and scientific material.  It archives a series of teaching papers and audio recordings by Dr. Green on spirituality.  It also archives the Greens’ published scientific papers about biofeedback research, voluntary control of internal states, and states of consciousness; and a series of Occasional Papers documenting the Copper Wall Project.  In addition it provides a filmography of their films and videos about both biofeedback and energy healing.

On the website, you may:

  • listen to or download audio recordings of discussions of spirituality with Dr. Green
  • read archived scientific and spiritual papers
  • purchase MP3 audio downloads and an audio CD on The 17 Propositions
  • read excerpts of and purchase the books Beyond Biofeedback and The Ozawkie Book of the Dead
  • read The 17 Propositions on the Nature of the Personality, Soul, and Spirit
  • read about the nature of soul, spirit, after-death consciousness, dream consciousness, and the collective unconscious

The website offers an organizational framework about various stages and states of consciousness – including a map with explanatory text.  It briefly describes the inter-relationships of many aspects of consciousness:  personal and transpersonal consciousness, after-death consciousness, dream consciousness, the collective unconscious, and paranormal states such as ESP and clairvoyance.  It describes, in The 17 Propositions on the Nature of the Personality, Soul, and Spirit, the process that the soul goes through in death and rebirth.  A full synthesis of these and other spiritual principles may be found in The Ozawkie Book of the Dead.