About Us

This website is a project of the Cross-Cultural Studies Program, Inc.  The mission of the Cross-Cultural Studies Program is to foster understanding between people that transcends cultural differences.  To this end the program preserves and makes available spiritual teachings from cultures around the world, highlighting cross-cultural common denominators.  The Cross-Cultural Studies Program is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) entity that was formed in 1978.  It is a small non-profit organization supported through your donations.

The audio recordings of Elmer Green’s discussions which may be downloaded from this website have been recorded by the New-Old Wisdom (NOW) Group.  Volunteers formed the NOW Group in 2005 for the purpose of recording and preserving discussions with Elmer about spirituality.

The audio recordings and other materials on this website are freely offered for the benefit of all.  We deeply appreciate your financial help to make these resources available and to add to them in the future.