We extend thanks and deep gratitude to the following people whose generous contributions have funded the creation of this website:

Ann F. Aschenbrenner
Pat Embers
Elmer E. Green
William R. Hale
James P. Hostetter
Patricia A. Hyland
C. Shaffia Laue and Ralph Bauer
Lisa L. Merrifield
BoB Nunley
Barbara Pearson
Sheri L. Taylor
L. VanBibber
E. Dale Walters
Bowen F. White

The project to record and archive discussions with Elmer Green was initiated by Peter Parks.  The New-Old Wisdom Group, which conducts the discussions, includes:

Ralph Bauer, M.Th. — self-integration trainer
Elmer Green, Ph.D. — biopsychologist  & founder of clinical biofeedback
William R. Hale, M.D. — psychiatrist
C. Shaffia Laue, M.D. — psychiatrist
Laura Mead, C.B.T. — energy practitioner
BoB Nunley, Ph.D. — educator
Peter Parks, Ph.D. — psychophysiologic therapist
Sarah Bremer Parks, M.S — psychotherapist
LaVetta Rolfs, Ph.D. — educator
Douglas Sheafor, M.D. — psychiatrist