Films by or Featuring Alyce and Elmer Green

films-biofeedbackBiofeedback: The Yoga of the West
Hartley, Elda and Irving (Producers), Hartley Films, Cos Cob, CT, 1975.

Elmer Green explains the scientific rationale of biofeedback, and how feeding back information from inside the skin enables people to develop voluntary control of formerly involuntary body processes.  Thus ordinary people can learn to make many of the same physiologic changes as yogis.  Elmer, Alyce, and daughter Judy take a portable psychophysiology lab to India to study what yogis can do physiologically.  Available on DVD from the Hartley Film Foundation as part of Hartley Classics, Volume 2.

films-hypertensionHypertension: The Mind-Body Connection
Hartley, Elda (Producer and Director), Hartley Productions, Cos Cob, CT, 1981.
Video is out of print.

Elmer Green explains to a skeptical patient (a physician) the psychophysiology of conscious and unconscious mental proceses in the cortex which affect the limbic (emotional) system, which affects the hypothalamus and pituitary (controlling the autoniomic and endocrine systems), which ultimately raise or lower blood pressure.  Alyce Green and Pat Norris are shown conducting initial training sessions with patients.  Meanwhile, Steve Fahrion conducts initial and subsequent sessions of a biofeedback training group for hypertension.  Training sessions are shown in enough detail that viewers can understand basics of how to go about biofeedback training for hypertension.  Patients taper off their anti-hypertensive medication, simltaneously maintaining blood pressure at normal levels.  Several patients discuss, with a sense of wonder, how their lives have changed as a result of gradually recognizing and then changing their longstanding patterns of constantly stressing.  The skeptical physician, who was initially shown dictating a letter while driving, then jumping out of his car to rush into his biofeedback appointment, talks touchingly about how the training has helped him reconnect with enjoyable experiences he had forgotten since childhood of hearing birds chirping and noticing trees.  Before learning to relax “I had forgotten there are birds in Topeka,” he says.

films-plains-peoplePlains People: Elmer Green
Program #2412 in the public television series Sunflower Journeys.
Kendall, David (Producer & Director), KTWU Productions, KTWU Public Television, Topeka, KS, 2011.

Elmer summarizes his career in developing biofeedback.  Broadcast initially in 2011.  Available on YouTube.

films-elmer-greenElmer Green: Reflections on His Life
Kendall, David (Producer & Director), KTWU Productions, KTWU Public Television, Topeka, KS, 2011.

Additional footage of Elmer’s interview by Dave Kendall and Laura Mead that was not included in “Plains People: Elmer Green.”  Available on YouTube.

films-swami-ramaSwami Rama: Voluntary Control over Involuntary States Project
Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, Swami Ram Nagar, Uttarakhand, India, 2011.

Report of Swami Rama’s work in the research lab at the Menninger Foundation in 1970, demonstrating control of skin temperature, putting his heart into atrial fibrillation, psychokinesis, and other aspects of extraordinary self-regulation.  Available on YouTube.

films-swami-rama-masterSwami Rama: The Himalayan Master, Part 1 & Part 2
Kohli, Vandana (Director, Writer, & Narrator), Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, Dehra Dun, India, 2000.

Biography of Swami Rama.  Part 1 includes his time at the Menninger Foundation as research subject and teacher of yogic self-regulation.

films-bioenergyBioenergy: A Healing Art
Walsh, Peter (Producer & Director), New World Media Alliance, 1992.
Video is out of print.

Documentary of the work of healer Mietek Wirkus who was studied in the lab by Elmer Green.  Explores the art of bioenergy healing and the electromagnetic nature of human beings.  Elmer discusses voltage surges he documented around healers while they performed their work during the Copper Wall Project at the Menninger Foundation.